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Мануал на устройство LG CF-14S10E, CF-20S10E, CF-16S10E, CF-20S10E, CF-21S10E, CF-14S10X, CF-20S10X, CF-16S10X, CF-20S10X, CF-21S10X, CF-14S12E, CF-20S12E, CF-16S12E, CF-20S12E, CF-21S12E, CHASSIS MC-84A

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Содержание книги:
: Deflection Data Adjustment (Line SVC-1)
NOTE: To enter SVC mode, press "OK" buttons on both TV set
and the Remote control at the same time.
1. Preparation for Deflection Adjustment
1) At SVC mode, press the Yellow colored button.
If the Remote Controller doesn't have the Yellow button, youshould use a Service Remote Control (105-201G) and pressSVC button.And then, deflection data adjustment OSD (SVC1 mode) willbe displayed.
2) Press Channel UP/DOWN button for desirous function
3) Press Volume UP/DOWN button to adjust the data.
2. Deflection Adjustment Procedure
1) Vertical Adjustment
Slect VS and adjust until the mechanical center of CPT andthat of screen coincides and select VA and adjust to coincidethe inner circle of screen with outer frame of CPT.
2) Horizontal Adjustment
Select HS and adjust until the mechanical center of CPT andthat of screen coincides.
3) Vertical S Correction Adjustment
Select SC and adjust until top-bottom side pincushion areequal.
4) Press OK(
Y) button to memorize the data.
3. Deflection Initial Setup Data
: Stereo Amp Adjustment(LINE SVC-2)
* Real Stereo Model ONLY
: White Balance Adjustment.(LINE SVC-0)
NOTE : This adjustment should be performed after screen voltage
1) Tune the TV set to receive an 100% white pattern.2) Press OK(
Y) buttons on TV set and remote controller at the
same time to get into SVC mode.
3) Press Channel UP/DOWN button for desirous function
4) Adjust VOL+ or VOL- button for GG031.5) Adjust VOL+ or VOL-button in each status of "Rg--"/"Bg--" for
!8, Y=288!8 with color analyzer.
6) Press OK(
Y) button to memorize the adjustment data.
: Hold Down check
Short J139 and ZD747 and check if the TV set turns into stand-by.
Initial Data
21" LG
20" LG
14" LG
MAXVOL 1-100
Average ADJ. Data List
FM Prescaller
Nicam Prescaller
Scart Prescaller
Scart Volume
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