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Service Manual
ESD Handling precautions
A working area where ESDs may be safely handled without undue risk of damage from electrostatic discharge, must be available. The area must be equipped as follows:Working Surfaces - All working surfaces must have a dissipative bench mat, SAFE for use with live equipment, connected via a 1M2 resistor (usually built into the lead) to a common ground point.Wrist Strap - A quick release skin contact device with a flexible cord, which has a built in safety resistor of between 5k2 and 1M2 shall be used. The flexible cord must be attached to a dissipative earth point.Containers - All containers and storage must be of the conductive type.
This equipment may contain an internal battery in addition to the external battery packs. These batteries are recyclable and should be disposed of in accordance with local legislation. They must not be incinerated, or disposed of as ordinary rubbish.
The equipment described in this manual contains polarized capacitors utilising liquid electrolyte. These devices are entirely safe provided that neither a short-circuit nor a reverse polarity connection is made across the capacitor terminals. FAILURE TO OBSERVE THIS WARNING COULD RESULT IN DAMAGE TO THE EQUIPMENT OR, AT WORST, POSSIBLE INJURY TO PERSONNEL RESULTING FROM ELECTRIC SHOCK OR THE AFFECTED CAPACITOR EXPLODING. EXTREME CARE MUST BE EXERCISED AT ALL TIMES WHEN HANDLING THESE DEVICES.
The equipment described in this manual contains electrostatic sensitive devices (ESDs). Damage can occur to these devices if the appropriate handling procedure is not adhered to.
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