Схема для устройства Samsung Aw 07 09a0se

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Samsung Electronics
1. Precautions
1. Warning: Prior to repair, disconnect the
power cord from the circuit breaker.
2. Use proper parts: Use only exact
replacement parts. (Also, we recommendreplacing parts rather than repairing them.)
3. Use the proper tools: Use the proper tools
and test equipment, and know how to useequipment may cause problems later-intermittent contact, for example.
4. Power Cord: Prior to repair, check the
power cord and replace it if necessary.
5. Avoid using an extension cord, and avoid
tapping into a power cord. This practicemay result in malfunction or fire.
6. After completing repairs and reassembly,
check the insulation resistance, Procedure:Prior to applying power, measure theresistance between the power cord and theground terminal. The resistance must begreater than 30 megohms.
7. Make sure that the grounds are adequate.
8. Make sure that the installation conditions
are satisfactory. Relocate the unit ifnecessary.
9. Keep children away from the unit while it is
being repaired.
10. Be sure to clean the unit and its surrounding
Fig. 1-1 Avoid Dangerous Contact
Fig. 1-2 No Tapping and No Extension Cords
Fig. 1-3 No Kids Nearby!
Fig. 1-4 Clean the Unit
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